Friday, July 12, 2013

miracles for Mendy

A fellow teacher was in a bad accident last weekend picking her husband up at the airport. Here is her story; PLEASE HELP ME TO HELP MENDY:YOUNG MOTHER PARALYZED IN CAR WRECK I want to help Mendy Brockman and her family but I don't know how to do it. I wanted to see if people could contribute products and we could make a bundle to sell with the money going to her family. Would any of you be able to contribute a product or help me to get this set up? Can any of you help me do this? How do I set it up where the funds would go to their family? How do I get donations and then bundle them? I would appreciate any help anybody has to offer. I have a TPT store and a blog. However, I get very little traffic on my blog. I have no followers so I need another way to get this public. Background information: Mendy Brockman was picking her husband up at the airport. He is a youth pastor and assistant pastor at their church in Colorado Springs. Apparently two teen-aged girls pulled out from the shoulder of the interstate, hoping to make a U-turn since they missed their exit. They turned into the path of Mendy and Jason's vehicle. Jason tried to swerve left to miss them, went into the median and flipped numerous times. He was able to break a window to get out. Mendy was hanging upside down in the vehicle with a broken neck. She has no feeling from the waist down and very little above the waist. They have four small children under the age of six. Mendy and her family face huge financial issues as well as adjusting to her being in a wheelchair. I am not sure if she will have use of her hands. Right at this point, she does not. I am praying that the use of her hands returns. I know that the doctors said that she has 5-6 months of rehab ahead of her. After that, what? They would need a new vehicle for her to be able to travel. Her house will need to be made wheelchair accessible. She will need people to help her with her daily needs and those of her small children. She is a stay at home mom and I think she may have homeschooled some of her children. Mendy's father was my children's youth pastor years ago. Mendy met her husband at Bible college and they married and moved away to serve in a church in Colorado. Her family is here in Tennessee so they are not close to her. Please, please, somebody help me find a way to help her. My heart is absolutely broken for this family. I am sending you a link to a blog written by a lady from her church. The link is: Please note, from the updates I have seen on Facebook quotes from her husband, she is unable to use her hands at this point. I don't know if the use of her hands will return. If you would like to contribute, please fill out the following google document: Also, please email your product to: Also, PLEASE help by posting this bundle "Miracle for Mendy" on your blog. Please check my blog: to see when the bundle is available. Be sure to click the "blogloving" follow this blog button to get updates on when the bundle is available. Thank you so much for helping Mendy. You can also see pictures of Mendy on my blog. r />

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